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2024 EUROPEAN Cup Betting Platform Established in the "South Gate" Pearl River Delta manufacturing city-Dongguan City,It is a family focus on automation production equipment、Development、Enterprises producing and selling。Since its establishment, the company has combined advanced technology and experience at home and abroad with the specific practical of the company,Provide enterprises with personalized solutions,Help companies improve production efficiency,Realize the high investment return of the enterprise。
15 Year
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110 item
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The customer field is all over scientific research、Military workers、Defense、College、Quality Inspection、Car、New Energy、Battery、Optoelectronics、Artificial intelligence、Precision Electronics、Electric Tools、Medical、Communication and other technology industries ...
Company Address: No. 8, Houde Road, Lianlian Community, Wanjiang District, Dongguan City
Consultation Tel: 18140273393
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