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What is the constant temperature and humidity test box
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Hennattic constant humidity test box,Also known as high, low temperature and humidity test box,It has an intercourse and change test and constant temperature and humidity test,Generally used for testing and determining electricians、The heat resistance of electronics and other products and materials、Dry dry、Wet resistance,It is aerospace and air、Car、Scientific Research、Electronic、Electric、Building materials and other fields of testing equipment。

Today, the increasingly developed technology innovation,Whether it is the military industry or the civilian field,Society's performance requirements for products and accessories are getting higher and higher,Detecting space、Weapons and equipment、New Energy Vehicle、5G mobile phone、AI Intelligence and the currently popular Yuan universe,Test the test of reliability test。

To evaluate the product within the specified life period,In the expected use、Transportation or storage and other environments,Activity to maintain functional reliability。

That's it,The constant temperature and humidity test box is a common essential test equipment。

Since the constant temperature and humidity test box is a necessary testing equipment,What kind of equipment is it?
Height and low temperature and humid heating test box is by the box、Wind circulation system、Refrigeration System、The composition of the heating system and the wet control system。
Wind circulation system generally adopts the structure of the wind supply direction;
The humidifier system has two types: using boiler humidification and surface evaporation;
Cooling and dampness systems adopt air -conditioning working refrigeration structure;
The heating system uses two structures with electric heating fins and direct heating of electric furnaces;
Test method of temperature and humidity test uses a dry and wet ball test method,There are also direct measurement methods of humidity sensors;
Control and display operating interface uses temperature and humidity separation independent and temperature and humidity combination controller。

With a preliminary understanding of the constant temperature and humidity box,Let's talk about its working principle:

First, the cooling working principle of the freezing system:
The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system,It inhaled low temperature and low pressure gas,Become a high -temperature and high -voltage gas,Release heat through condensation into liquid,Take away the heat through the fan,So the device is the reason for the hot air,Then use the throwing to the low -pressure liquid,Secondly, it becomes a low -temperature and low -pressure gas through the evaporator and finally returns to the compressor; refrigerant absorbs the heat in the evaporator to complete the gasification process.,To achieve the purpose of refrigeration,Complete the cooling process。
The refrigeration cycle uses a inverse card and if the cycle,This cycle consists of two equivalent processes and two insulation processes,The process is as follows:
Refrigerator compressed to higher pressure through thermal insulation of the compressor,Consumption to increase the exhaust temperature,After the refrigerant passes the heat exchange through the temperature of the condenser and the surrounding medium, the heat exchanges the heat to the surrounding media。Post -refrigerant through the interception valve thermal expansion and expansion,At this time, the refrigerant temperature is reduced。The last refrigerant absorbs heat from a higher temperature object through the temperature of the evaporator,Reduce the temperature of the cooling object。This cycle is weekly to achieve the purpose of cooling。
Next is the principle of damp heat exchange:
When the air passes through the open water,Hot and wet exchange with the surface of the water。Different from its water temperature,It may only occur with heat exchange; it may also have both heat exchanges,Can be exchanged wet,At the same time, there are submarine heat exchange。The heat difference between air and water exchanges between air and water,Due to heat guide、Replacement of heat and radiation,Submarine heat exchange is the result of the water steam evaporation (or condensed) in the air and absorb (or release) the result of vaporization potential heat。Total thermal exchange volume is algebra and with the amount of heat exchange and the amount of heat exchange。
When the air is in direct contact with the water surface,On the surface close to the water,The results of the irregular movement of water molecules,A saturated air boundary layer of temperature equal to the temperature of the water surface formed,and the concentration of its water vapor molecules or water vapor depending on the saturated air temperature of the boundary layer。
If the temperature of the border layer is higher than the temperature on its air,then pass from the boundary layer to the air; otherwise, the air passes from air to the border layer.。Steam of water in the border layer

This can be seen,The heat exchange between air and water depends on the temperature difference between the border layer and the air above it,Wet exchange and the submarine heat exchange caused by it depends on the concentration difference or difference in the pressure difference between the water steam molecules between the two。The principle of damp heat heating water through electricity,Make steam in the sink,Steam enters the hot and humid box through the spray pipe,Moist the air in the box。

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