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The operating skills of the constant temperature and humidity test box
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With the continuous progress of testing equipment technology,The constant temperature and humidity test box has also been updated again and again,More intelligence makes the operation more and more simple,For novice operations,Don't be too nervous,The controller of the constant temperature and humidity test box is similar to a smartphone,There is no difficulty in general operation,The following is a simple introduction to the constant temperature and humidity test box:

1、Hang the well -equipped wet ball gauze on the humidity sensor,Put the wet ball slot in the lower end (soak the wet ball gauze wet)。

2、Test samples in the test box,The overall accumulation of the test sample cannot exceed 1/3 of the total volume of the inner box,Forbidden flammable and explosive、Sample with corrosion。

3、Add an appropriate amount of water to the water tank,Do not exceed the highest water level logo。

4. Open the lighting light to view the operation of the box.

5、Set temperature and humidity and detection time according to the required temperature and humidity requirements.、Section, etc.。

6、The value of the upper limit temperature alarm value should be higher than that of the test ZUI high temperature 10 degrees,The value of the lower limit temperature alarm value should be lower than the test zUI low-temperature -10 degree。

7、Tests naturally stopped according to the prescribed time,Should turn off the power in time,Make each system of the test box in static state。

8、After the test is completed,It needs to be cooled to the safe range,can open the box door and take out the sample。If you must take out the test sample immediately,You must wear insulation gloves,To avoid burns or frostbite。

9、After the test is over,Be sure to turn off the total power switch,To prevent accidents such as lightning strikes and other accidents。

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