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In our daily life,The application of the tensile machine is also very wide,It is mainly used in metal、Pull for non -metallic materials、Pressure、Bend shear and other mechanical performance tests。

Another,The tensile machine is equipped with a variety of attachments,It can also be used for the mechanical performance test of profiles and components。Deformation in the sample,Test speed rope、Bring、Silk、rubber、Plastic and other material testing areas,It also has very wide application prospects。More suitable for quality supervision、Teaching and Research、Aerospace、Steel Metallurgical、Car、Trial areas such as construction materials and building materials。

Licenic test machines are widely used in experiments suitable for the relationship between material power and deformation,can be metal,Non -metallic raw material processing containers、The finished product stretches、Compression、Bend and other mechanical experiments and analysis。

Factory or industry and laboratory are the most commonly used detection instruments,Production of each product,It is inseparable from the test and testing of the product,For example, the production wire,To be tough for it,Hardness of Metals,A data analysis of the line head stretch detection, etc.。

Someone will ask, do the non -metal test for tensile tests?

Of course! Intersection、Plastic、Film、Textile、Fiber、Polymer materials、Composite materials、Insurance Band、Tape、Alloy materials and other non -metals are to do tensile tests;

Related tensile tests and can guarantee all the buttons that are made into products、button and fixed components,The detection work of the related strength test instruments can be smoothly, efficient and stable.。The application field of tensile test machines is a major breakthrough and achievement,Therefore, the tensile test machine is essential in the field of mechanics。

The same,With the progress of society,The continuous development of all walks of life,We are more cautious about the quality of the product,The requirements for product detection are also stricter。

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