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2024 EUROPEAN Cup Betting Platform Established in the "South Gate" Pearl River Delta manufacturing city-Dongguan City,It is a family focus on automation production equipment、Development、Enterprises that produce and sell。Since its establishment, the company has combined advanced technology and experience at home and abroad with the specific actual situation of the enterprise,Provide enterprises with personalized solutions,Help companies improve production efficiency,Realize the high investment return of the enterprise。
Good products、Good service、Good credibility,2024 EUROPEAN Cup Betting Platform has achieved excellent results in many industries,Complete the customization and supporting service of many automated production equipment,willing to be your trusted long -term partner。

Main Products:

1 Detection equipment

Rally、Inserting force test machine、constant temperature and humidity test box、Step into the aging room、Hot and cold shock test box、Quick temperature change test box、UV aging test box、氙 Lantern aging test box、Aging test box with oxygen resistance

2 Automated equipment

Woodworking sawnop sawtooth laser cutting machine、Hard -alloy sawing grinding tooth grinding machine production line (disk band and with common)、Woodlord saw online visual detection system。

Corporate Culture

[Concept] Make everything to the extreme,is the core competitiveness; the product quality is better than that of peers,Service is more in place than peers,Create higher value for customers。

[Mission] For global testing equipment,Contributions to the field of automation equipment。Faster,More accurate。

[Vision] Continuous improvement,Meeting the increasingly developing market demand,Conform to the development trend of advanced technology。Provide customers with high -quality choices,Create a broad development space for the company。

Corporate Culture
Core ValueCore value
Optimistic integrity
Optimistic up, honest and trustworthy
Customer first
Treat customers with your heart to meet the requirements of customers
Welcome to the change
Welcome the market changes, the development trend of technology
Team cooperation
Create a strong team and continue to grow and grow
Advanced Quality
Continuous innovation and excellence
Patriotic dedication
Combining the trend of the development of the motherland, professional persistence
Core value
Cooperative customers
Some cooperative customers
San Sheng knife saw
Changsheng Dao Jie
Hubei University of Technology
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Company Address: No. 8, Houde Road, Lianlian Community, Wanjiang District, Dongguan City
Consultation Tel: 18140273393
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