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Electronic tensile test machine dual pillars
Product Overview
Use range
This machine uses an integrated design of electromechanical and electrical ,Mainly by the force measurement sensor、transmitter、Micro -processor、Load Driver、Composition of computer and color inkjet printing mechanism。It has a broad and accurate loading speed and range of measurement for measurement,Play load、The measurement and control of displacement have high accuracy and sensitivity,You can also load equal speed、Automatic control test of speed displacement。Floor model ,Styling and painting fully consider modern industrial design,Related principles of ergonomics
It is mainly suitable for testing for metal and non -metal materials,such as rubber、Plastic、wire and cable、Optical Fiber Cable、seat belt、Insurance Band、Leather belt composite material、Plastic profile、Waterproof coil、Steel pipe、Copper、Profile、Spring Steel、Bearing Steel、Stainless steel (and other high hardness steel)、Casting、Steel plate、Steel Belt、Stretch of non -ferrous metal metal wire、Compression、Bend、Cutting、Dipping、Tear、Two -point extension (need to be accompanied by separate extension) and other tests。
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Basic parameters
Power Unit:
kg, n, lb, g
Dutch Chongyuan accuracy:
Communication servo motor
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